Star Ocean The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster - PS4 - 75
diciembre 12, 2017
The planets of the galaxy could not help Star Ocean Last Hope 4K & HD Remaster to fix the mistakes of their past versions.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Champion's Ballad - SWITCH - 83
diciembre 11, 2017
With new gear, 16 new shrines, 1 new divine beast and a new great boss, The Champion’s Ballad offers hour of the best elements in BOTW (including exploring and combat). It might not be narrative driven but overall the experience is fun and challenging.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - SWITCH - 90
diciembre 5, 2017
For being the first JRPG developed exclusively for Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a fantastic game that show us from what the console is capable. It offers a refined formula from what we saw in previous games and merges it with a fantastic and deep story, majestic and inmense worlds and a fabulous soundtrack. Albeit it has some graphical issues that show the limits of the system and how it suffers to maintain an optimal performance, the titles is surely one of the greatest games that you can play on Switch and one that will maintain you hooked up for more than a hundred hours.

Review – Black Mirror - PS4 - 60
diciembre 1, 2017
This new version for the 2004's Black Mirror game features some nice and enjoyable puzzles, but it deeply fails at its technical side.

Fire Emblem Warriors - SWITCH - 72
noviembre 29, 2017
For better or worse, Fire Emblem Warriors is another Musou game that only distincts itself by the addition of many elements from the FE series that surprisingly adapt really good to the concept of the genre. Fans of the franchise would get delighted with it; those that aren't, not so much.

Review – Resident Evil: Revelations Collection - SWITCH - 82
noviembre 28, 2017
Besides including all of its previously released content, Resident Evil: Revelations Collections lacks of an interesting cooperative mode or special features for the Nintendo Switch. It's a good addition for the library, just not great.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - PS4 - 90
noviembre 28, 2017
A must have expansion for one the best games of this year.

Pokémon Ultra Sun - 3DS - 87
noviembre 27, 2017
Its great to be back in Alola! These enhanced versions wrap up everything in the seventh generation. While Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon suffer some issues with its narrative, the game itself feels complete and as fun as you may remember.

Review – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Android - 81
noviembre 25, 2017
Some might think Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a predatory app for iOS and Android devices, but if you have the patience to keep coming back, you won't have to invest real money in the game. Besides, it's a charming and beautiful adventure for you to take anywhere.

Review – Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin - PS4 - 78
noviembre 24, 2017
Double Fine brings us back some very good memories of Raz and all of the other Psychonauts on this new adventure exclusively for the PlayStation VR, which performs a different gameplay from its first entry and lacks of charm.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - PS4 - 75
noviembre 21, 2017
Despite having a gameplay like the other LEGO games, children will surely enjoy it. If you're not a fan of Marvel or have played any of the previous titles of the franchise, there is not much to see here.

Rocket League - SWITCH - 86
noviembre 21, 2017
Don't let the graphical downgrade distance you from a great experience. Rocket League on the go is as fun and addictive in Switch as in any other platform. One of the best multiplayer games in the Nintendo Switch.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - 3DS - 80
noviembre 21, 2017
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney a great remastered version of the original DS title and offers some few but great additions that make it feel like a more full package. That said and aside from the obvious graphic improvement the game is, for better or worse, the same title that many remember from 10 years ago.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - SWITCH - 80
noviembre 20, 2017
A great port to go of one of the most important RPG of all time.

L.A. Noire - SWITCH - 88
noviembre 18, 2017
L.A. Noire for Switch is simply one of the greatest ports for the console seen to date. It retaines all the content from the original versions and adjust it to the functions of the system in an outstanding way. Maybe the graphics pale when compared with the recent remastered editions, but believe us when we say that playing this game on the go is a complete delight.

Star Wars: Battlefront II - PS4 - 85
noviembre 13, 2017
A great sequel to the 2015 game. Star Wars: Battlefront II feels like a complete product, but the loot box thing, surely is going to cause bad reactions.

Mario Party: The Top 100 - 3DS - 78
noviembre 13, 2017
We finally received a compilation of the best minigames in Mario Party history. While the game itself suffers the lack of other content, each minigame is as great as you remember and the Download Play function makes it a great option for multiplayer experiences.

Super Lucky's Tale - XBOX ONE - 70
noviembre 13, 2017
Super Lucky's Tale offers a charming and colorful adventure with basic but accesible and fun gameplay. However, its cast of characters is forgettable, the worlds it offers feel a little bit repetitive and its difficulty can get kinda easy for experienced players of the genre. You can say its just an average platform title.

noviembre 9, 2017
Despite the technical limitations by the Nintendo Switch hardware, you will experience all the brutality and incredible action in this version of DOOM which is a good opportunity for a new audience.

Review – Need for Speed: Payback - XBOX ONE - 80
noviembre 7, 2017
Need for Speed: Payback is a fun, great open world with a story campaign that works well. Racing is exciting and all of the car modifications are interesting, besides lacking from its technical side.

Review – Just Dance 2018 - SWITCH - 80
noviembre 4, 2017
Besides the lack of some other great hits besides "Despacito", Just Dance 2018 makes another nice game, specially for the kinds at home and all of the people that might get it for the Nintendo Switch. Playing it on a Nintendo Switch with HD Rumble technology and both Joy-Cons just feels like the way it was meant to be.

Call of Duty: WWII - PS4 - 88
noviembre 3, 2017
Back to the roots. Call of Duty: WWII is a great WW2 FPS that uses a lot of old school mechanics.

Spelunker Party! - SWITCH - 65
noviembre 1, 2017
Even though Spelunker Party! is a fun and challenging game, it sadly feels monotonous after some hours. You might enjoy playing with your friends but there are better multiplayer experiences in the Nintendo Switch catalog.

Review – Assassin's Creed Origins - PS4 - 87
octubre 30, 2017
Besides some minor technical and A.I. issues, Assassin's Creed Origins merges up as an astonishing, dynamic world where Bayek begins the history of the franchise. It surely represents a great way to celebrate 10 years of Assassin's Creed and a redemption chance for Ubisoft as a developer.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - PS4 - 91
octubre 27, 2017
Even and without the absence of a multiplayer mode, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a great FPS that offers a fantastic, deep and really well told story. If you love the genre you should not miss it.