Why Peter Connolly rectifiered quest for vengeance by terrifying mythologies!


Once again This week, the Subreddit is poring through a brand new document that allegedly describes, blow by blow, the first script for Episode IX that was written by its original director and writer team, Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly. What do they claim the final film in the Skywalker saga was going to be titled? Duel of Fates. Not a bad title!

One of the ever present themes across the two transoceanic Grudge/Ju-On franchises was the involvement of Takashi Shimizu. The Japanese director was the creator of the Ju-On franchise and helped build the terrifying ghost of Kayako into the cultural phenomenon she is today.

However, the most recent movie in the Grudge series was the first in the franchise to have no involvement from the legendary Japanese director.For those who are unaware, Ju-On is heavily inspired by terrifying Japanese mythologies and urban legends. The clearest inspiration for The Grudge is the Onryō, a vengeful spirit that wishes to correct the wrongs it endured during its prior life.

The Onryō is the spirit of a wronged individual that is able to inflict pain and damage to the world of the living in a quest for vengeance. This vengeance can not only refer to the Onryō murdering an individual, but can also lead to the spirit triggering a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or a hurricane.

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