Why Zombieland was oversaturation of spidey powers and zombie sub-genre!


What could help Mistress of Evil avoid that degree of a drop in revenue is the fact it has a good shot at stronger weekly holds and should get a little boost from Thanksgiving late in its run. If audience word of mouth is as positive as it was for the 2014 film, then the sequel should see exactly those sorts of holds that will help it make up some ground against the previous installment’s grand total.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is indeed superior to its predecessor and builds upon the previous themes with a more complex obstacles in the way of familial ties, while offering new characters and background to its fairy tale world.

I had mixed reactions to the first film and gave it a negative review overall. This time around, although my feelings are still mixed, there is more that works than doesn’t and the flaws (which I’ll get to in more detail shortly) are… well, complicated, and not everyone will agree with my interpretation of them.

Visually, Mistress of Evil has even more to offer, relying on a broader array of colors and terrifically imaginative designs deserving a premium theater experience. On that latter point, a word of caution to viewers – be sure you don’t see this film in a standard ordinary theater, because they’re likely to have the projector light set way too dim and ruin the gorgeous colors and design details, as well as having only mid-range or smaller screens that don’t do justice to the larger-than-life story.

Zombieland 2’s trailers featured a joke about President Bill Clinton that didn’t make the final cut of the film, and we have some guesses why. When Zombieland released in 2009, it felt like a breath of fresh air. The Walking Dead’s massive success hadn’t yet triggered the oversaturation of the zombie sub-genre, and really good undead comedies have always been few and far between. Both a critical and commercial smash, one would’ve thought that Zombieland would be a lock to earn a sequel, yet it took a decade to actually happen, and some would argue Zombieland 2 released in theaters a bit too late for its own good.

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