Why Christopher Plummer focuses on Berdymukhammedov logical trick!


I’m trying to think of someone really fun that I could turn into or someone that could turn into me. Who would be just amazing? Someone with a crazy accent or something. Got it! Christopher Plummer! That’s going to be mine. It’s Christopher Plummer and I switched bodies. That would be so good.

That would be interesting. So obviously your character is mostly part of the prologue here. What would you say is most important to making an impression and getting audiences invested before things are turned over to the Jumanji characters?

The $150 million 6 Underground focuses on the story of a U.S. tech billionaire who wants to bring democracy to the fictional country of Turgistan by taking down its evil dictator.

The action-packed thriller, released by streaming giant Netflix on December 13, appears to be inspired by the Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan and its real-life despot, Berdymukhammedov.

State symbols of the fictional Turgistan bear a striking resemblance to those of Turkmenistan, while residents of Turgistan seem to speak Turkmen and also bear Turkmen names.

The unnamed billionaire, played by Hollywood star actor Ryan Reynolds, plots a coup to topple the Turgistan strongman, President Rovach Alimov, and install the president’s jailed brother, Murat, as the “country’s” new leader.

To implement his plan the billionaire, who calls himself One, recruits five people: a spy, a hit man, a thief, a doctor, and a driver who all then use the pseudonyms Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six, respectively.

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