Richard Alexander discontinued outrageous partake in the elaborate cop!


Thejason team really got along well. They became family. We were filming in Atlanta, and I had the idea of us going away to a cabin for a weekend, going hiking and just getting a little outdoors time. Charles (Melton) was unavailable because he had to go back for work or something, but me, Alexander (Ludwig) and Paolo (Nunez) were like, “Let’s just go — the three of us.” We found this really cute house, and we found a hike. We went on it, and it was great. It was lovely being outside, and when we got to the road, we started walking towards the car. We were walking for at least a half hour, and our feet were hurting.

We were just ready to get back in the car and drive to the house. That’s when we realized we had gone the wrong way. I was like, “I feel like it’s the other way,” and Alexander was like, “No, I think it’s this way.” So, we were like, “Okay!” and by the time we looked on the map, we had gone so far in the opposite direction. Alexander felt so bad, and being the noble gentleman that he is, he ran to the car so that we didn’t have to walk the entire way. At one point, me and Paolo just sat on the side of the road because we were so tired. That was one of our excursions.

Sadly, mine was quite limited. I was coming right off of Rent: Live. We did it that night, and then I took the red eye and was driven straight to set. I was immediately put in hair and makeup for my first day of filming. So, I sadly did not get to partake in the elaborate cop school that I’m guessing the others did.

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