Kelvin Harrison AKA Tyler Williams refuses pianist jeopardized to reclaim queen!


Luna, who lusts after Mia and Mel’s signature product “The One-Night Stand Kit,” agrees to take on the hands-on boutique’s half a million in debt in exchange for 49 percent of the business. Her secret plan is to seize full control by turning the partners against each other. As if.

Waves” should be a great film. It’s beautifully shot, well-acted and nicely scored. However, it doesn’t succeed in its lofty ambition, leaving compelling drama behind as it chases the style of its predecessors and sophomoric messaging without any complexity in its argument.

The film follows Tyler Williams (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), a star student, high school wrestler and adept pianist. However, his future prospects are jeopardized by the onset of injury and the sudden pregnancy of his girlfriend Alexis (Alexa Demie). He turns to drugs and alcohol as a result. The second half of the film focuses on his sister Emily (Taylor Russell) and her budding romance with Luke (Lucas Hedges), a boy from her school.

Part of the reason “Waves” falls flat is because of where it takes inspiration. Director Trey Edward Shults has said that the primary inspiration of the movie’s diptych structure is the 1994 film “Chungking Express.” Like “Chungking Express,” “Waves” is essentially two stories, one after the other, tied together only by the protagonists’ sibling relationship. Unfortunately, “Waves” favors style over narrative and often feels suffocated by the overabundance of stylistic elements. The film is over-directed in a sense.

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